Dear Diary,

In my past writings to you, whether digital or through ink and pen, I have always exuded a deep sense of either happiness or the opposite. Today is not one of those writings. Today I write to you that of puzzlement.

Toe Hair

Earlier today I woke up to a lumpy feeling on my toe. To my surprise my toe hairs were in a tangle. How on earth did they get way? Reminds you of a movie crime scene where the detective stares at the victim while holding a cup of joe. Then a police officer approaches him; a notebook in hand. “There was a struggle says one of the witnesses.

References aside, I could not untangle the hairs and the skin was too dry to make an attempt with the tweezers. I made the call of clipping them all off with my nail clipper and went on to clipping my nails since I had it in hand anyway.

Hoping you have a pleasant imaginary day.




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