Dear Diary,

Today I have received a number of email notifications originating from WordPress. To my surprise they were Follower and Like notifications to my site and one of my posts. I would celebrate with a hot mug of ready-mix processed degenerate that passes for a coffee. However, upon logging into the site, that glee of seeing the notification was short-lived after careful perusal.

Reading through the list of notifications, the words “Automation” and “Bot” come into mind. I have made two prior posts and it was only on my 3rd did I start receiving these series of Likes and Follows.

If you do not mind my attempt at S. Holmes–through careful and ingenious deduction, my dear Diary, I have come to a very elementary conclusion that these series of Likes and Follows are nothing short of a marketing plot.

My dear Diary, I can understand your unease as to how I have arrived to such fact. Allow me to indulge you with my thought process.

First, if these were indeed real life persons with real interests as to the contents of my 3rd post, at the very least, one of them would have had an opinion and have made such of it heard through the comments section.

Secondly, if they have gone through my site, at the very least, one of them may have taken interest in my prior two letters addressed to you.

Lastly, who would not find my profile a perfect attempt at humor–enough to drop me a line via electronic mail?

You see my dear Diary, it is all elementary. Elementary!

Nevertheless, marketing or not, their Likes and Follows will serve the best of our interests albeit somewhat disheartening.

With you in my thoughts, au revoir!



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