Iwanan Walang Bakas (Leave No Trace)

Many articles and websites pertaining to the LNT principles are out there in the vast digital world of the internet. Including social media sites, the number of online literature can be quite overwhelming. All with the collective goal of educating people on how we can protect and enjoy the natural world. However, it seems we still have a long way to go before we can achieve a level of common and practiced knowledge of the seven principles here in the Philippines.

The LNT principles are one of the major topics discussed in all mountaineering courses taken by any aspiring outdoor enthusiast. There are even courses that cater to the principles specifically. Yet in most of my outdoor excursions, it never surprises me to see an outdoor scene where one might have failed to practice some of the seven principles.

This active article aims to provide a hub linking several references related to the LNT Principles. This article will contain a list of sites, references, blogs, and vlogs that would help fellow Filipinos in self-educating themselves on the Leave No Trace Principles. Let us strive to achieve awareness and a sense of environmental responsibility so that there are more of us protecting the natural world for everyone to enjoy.



As an active article, expect to see more helpful links added in the future.


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