Born or Made?

Dear Diary,

I was watching a video by LAD Bible on YouTube to lull myself to sleep. It was an episode from their “The Gap” series that shows the interesting differences and similarities between two separate generations. Unfortunately, It was too interesting for a bedtime white noise. It brought to mind a topic that has, at some point, piqued my curiosity. You can watch the video below.

It was about two ex-cons, answering some questions together and comparing how it was for their respective generation. Hearing them recount their experiences had me wondering if society and their environment could have contributed to their past mistakes. It makes you wonder if criminals were born or made.

I took to Google and did some search. I found a Discuss mentioning studies conducted about the origins of criminal behavior. Some point to genetics while other studies point to society and other environmental factors. Having read through the Discuss, I personally believe it is society that makes a criminal; our collective actions and words breaking an individual.

You may have noticed in the past, Diary, that I try to go to certain lengths as to not inconvenience the people around me. It has always been, “How will it affect them?” “Mahihirapan ba sila?” “Magiging abala ba ako?” “Makakasira ba ako ng araw nila?” Because you can never tell what others are going through. What a security guard has to put up with at their home; A working student at their school, or a simple commuter at their office. You don’t need to be someone who would add more to whatever they have going in their lives. This is why I love the Japanese. They, in my personal opinion, always consider the feelings and thoughts of those around them. Sadly, I do not see much of that around here. It is mostly, “Me me me… I’m the victim.”

I just hope your world is fairing better than mine, Diary. Until my next letter.




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