Google Maps Local Guide

Today I was prompted by Google Maps to look at the places I visited which may have been based on my past GPS pings (scary). Tapping on the notification on my phone directed me to my list of contributions and the past places I may have visited (again, GPS history). It then provided me the option to rate and review the places I visted. However, I opted to scroll through my list and was surprised at the number of past reviews I have contributed. You can check them out and see my take of each place by visiting the following links.

Buffet 101 MOA

It is not as crowded as Vikings.

Tarak Trail

A long and rewarding trek towards Papaya River but…

UCC 3rd Wave Clockwork

I love the ambiance, the group that dine in, the…

E.V.Y. Victoria Ville

A promising subdivision if the future…

Petron SLEX

I like that they got a lot of pumps to…

McDo Aseana City

Recently renovated a few months back at the time of…


I have passed this place countless times on my way to…

Burnham Park

My first visit to Burham Park was around 1998…

Decathlon Alabang

To a sports junkie, athlete, or those with an active…

Sunset View Towers

I love how seasoned all of their security staff are. The condo…

The Outdoor Lab

I love how most, if not all, Naturehike products are…

Mahogany Beef Market & Bulalohan

Having options is great but too much can be…

Lauden Guest House & Resort

The owners Laura and Dennis were superbly…

Starbucks Macapagal

The place is huge or at the very least the…

Coffee Project Imus

The place is located inside of All Homes. I have yet to…


I would’ve given this 5 stars if the place were…


Jumping straight to the parking area–my friend was…

Mang Raul’s BBQ Haus

Mang Raul has an amazing story. Back in…


I have made the mistake of thinking that they…

As I continue to make contributions as a Google Maps Local Guide, expect to see individual posts of each places I visit in the future.

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