Hi D,

Lately, I have a lot on my mind. Mostly personal thoughts, future plans, but rest assured none that is work related. I had to squeeze a personal break today during work so I could walk around our business district for a breather; take a step back to look at myself. As I pondered over certain matters, I realized how I no longer recognize the person I am now. With the recent events that are about to unfold, running errands, preparing, and lost in deep thought had me feeling more different.

So in today’s letter, D, I will defer my pending articles in favor of writing to you of the person that I was then. Rummaging through some old photos below, I found myself reminiscing and immersed in nostalgia.

From Youth to Yuppy

Looking at my most recent decade, D, I found photos depicting some of my eccentricities.


Unfortunately, with this certain level of eccentricities comes a number of corresponding odd activities.

Why would you even?

That does not include the number of times I walked 10km to work to prove my employees a point. The time I did a day hike up Manabu before heading to work and other whimsical stuff I could not remember at the moment.

I have browsed further through some photos but this letter has gone longer than I would care to write. They are not all whimsical oddities. Most are meaningful experiences depicting other aspects of my life. Nevertheless, sifting through memory lane has reminded me of who I was and has somewhat helped solidify the image of the person I believe I can be.

‘Till my next letter.



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Once in the 4th quarter of the 20th century… Regulus, Denebola, and the other celestial bodies that govern Leo’s formation lit up the heavens to honor the arrival of an infant who would grow trapped in life’s kaleidoscope of pessimism and optimism.

An outdoor enthusiast who struggles to advocate and practice pro-environment initiatives; hoping that he inspires others to make a change for the better of mother Gaia.

A ringmaster in his own world who juggles his caffeine addiction with pizza, pasta, and all that is gastronomically unearthly while barely balancing on a tightrope that is healthy living.

A free thinker and ponderer who hopes to entertain his readers with his wild, far-flung, and unorthodox thought bubble of imagination and ideas with a futile attempt at humor.

A former blogger reborn.

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