Hi D,

Lately, I have a lot on my mind. Mostly personal thoughts, future plans, but rest assured none that is work related. I had to squeeze a personal break today during work so I could walk around our business district for a breather; take a step back to look at myself. As I pondered over certain matters, I realized how I no longer recognize the person I am now. With the recent events that are about to unfold, running errands, preparing, and lost in deep thought had me feeling more different.

So in today’s letter, D, I will defer my pending articles in favor of writing to you of the person that I was then. Rummaging through some old photos below, I found myself reminiscing and immersed in nostalgia.

From Youth to Yuppy

Looking at my most recent decade, D, I found photos depicting some of my eccentricities.


Unfortunately, with this certain level of eccentricities comes a number of corresponding odd activities.

Why would you even?

That does not include the number of times I walked 10km to work to prove my employees a point. The time I did a day hike up Manabu before heading to work and other whimsical stuff I could not remember at the moment.

I have browsed further through some photos but this letter has gone longer than I would care to write. They are not all whimsical oddities. Most are meaningful experiences depicting other aspects of my life. Nevertheless, sifting through memory lane has reminded me of who I was and has somewhat helped solidify the image of the person I believe I can be.

‘Till my next letter.



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