One World One Day

Dearest Diary,

It has been almost 4 months since my last letter to you. Throughout I wonder if your interest in me has decayed over time. Pray forgive my wanton disregard to find time to update you. A lot has occurred; local and global events have fueled our anxiety. I cannot say that a part of me denies welcoming the series of events as they occur. I have actually wished for something of the sorts; the local volcanic eruption, the global pandemic, the riots in the U.S.A, and other personal struggles someone might be going through right now. I feel the world is still missing something bigger that would complete the cascade of misfortunes this year has to offer. A devastating earthquake perhaps? Mother nature can probably think of something better.

I can sense your disbelief as you read through my first paragraph. The thought of wishing tragedy to befall his kind is unthinkable. However, it is not so much as wanting to see others harmed as it is seeing life take a different pace.

D, you do not see the world as I do. When people see different races or ethnicity, I see humans. When they see different countries, I see one world. I have dreamt of having lived long to see a world without prejudice and borders – a world of humans. If the distant future offers such a point, then I would love to surpass the lives of my contemporaries to see it come to fruition. Otherwise, I would rather have my meaningless life end, at the very least, within a significant point of mankind’s history.

It is sad to think that we were born without our consent; into a world where our elders failed. Picking up where they left off; piecing together something that is already crumbling. That is why these past years I have longed for a year like this. Something to offset the lack of value that I place in my own life. Something… different.

As I write you this letter, I look outside the barred window up at the night sky like I always do when I get the chance. I look up hoping that I was somewhere else. Somewhere away from all of this. Away from me. Nevertheless, I hope I am never away from your thoughts, D.




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