Giddy Laughs Adorn Many Possibilities

Dearest D,

By the time this reaches you, I would have ended my day aged by another cycle around Sol; three years shy from two scores worth of aimless living. You would think this was just another day where I get more lines than I do finding my bearings in life. However, it would surprise you to know that today, the latter took a different turn for me. It took me towards someone exceptional. For the first time since I can remember, the path that kept forking has somewhat settled. A destination in the distance; one which I would hope to reach accompanied.

I look back and I am reminded. The puppy loves; the heartaches. The laughing and crying. The infatuation and surreal images of romance in our heads. Make no misconception, D. My lovey-dovey ruminations is not the makings of my entire life. It is merely a portion of the sum as is apparent in my past letters to you. However, I hope that my lack in those genres for the foreseeable future does not dishearten you. For in this letter, I simply ask that you sense my new found relief and happiness as I word them further.

It is interesting to recall how our elders would lecture us of young love and relationships. That it is a passing. One that may either scar and-or mold us into the person we are now—better or sadly, worse. I look back and recall amusingly how our youthfulness tend to go against these sayings. How it tries to cling to an idealistic notion of love and romance. Today, I found comfort in the past passing of these failures, mistakes, pain and curbed love. They brought with them lessons that prepared me for something better. For if not for them, I would not have found the path that would lead towards many possibilities—though beaten—yet adorned with giddiness, love, laughter and understanding.

D, I hope in my heart that you find my future letters to your liking.

Yours truly,



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