“Pray, ‘Overture’.”, Cried Her Insightful Eminence

When life felt like the open seas,
Thrashed and drenched with nowhere to flee.

When there was nothing left but gloom,
Reflecting off a rippling loom.

You pulsated light, now ever bright.
A beacon from a distance,
a lighthouse for persistence.

A world once dreary, clung so dearly.
Torn away by your presence,
your insightful eminence.

With your laughter, came glee.
As you beamed, I felt free.
Free from a life of abysmal sadness.
Unbound from that perpetual madness.

With light and freedom, I broke into a skip and sprint.
"Pray, 'Overture.", you cried. "Slow down". "This is it, pancit."

6 thoughts on ““Pray, ‘Overture’.”, Cried Her Insightful Eminence

  1. Question po.

    Kung ang literature eh Poetry
    Ang sinulat based sa poetry eh Poem
    Ang sumulat ng Poem eh Poet
    Ano po tawag sa pinag alayan ng Poem?


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