Bday Card Extended

The Merchant Who Bought-Sold Love

Dear Ms. P,

Among all of the days within a year, nothing is as special as a birthday. As we celebrate yours, may it be made more special by this letter and the bottled scent that came with it. I hope you enjoyed flipping through this card as much as I enjoyed making it; enthralled by the scent of the perfume as much as I was searching for it. However, do not take this letter nor the bottle as gifts but both as a reminder and a symbol. A future reminder that from this day on, all that you will receive [are] not without effort and love. A standing symbol of what we can be as depicted in the photos. Most importantly, what the perfume stands for… yung pagka pogi ko on that day sa Tagaytay dahil sa bango.

Poch, I want you to know that since we first met, up until now, has been somewhat a whirlwind–from meeting your friends and family to making both near and distant future plans. Plans that I hope would come into fruition and make us stronger when together or briefly apart. Notwithstanding the pace we are on–one thing is certain–not a day has gone by since we started down this path that you are never away from my thoughts.

Your laughter and past pains. Your groggy morning smiles and almond eyes. Your teasing and humor. Your passion and principles. I would say more but this card cannot fit all. To my point, they all but done one thing… compel me to tell you in person how far I have fallen for you. I could never express it better than I do in writing. However, once you are done reading this, I do want you to know…


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