Manong Hulios

Once in the 4th quarter of the 20th century… Regulus, Denebola, and the other celestial bodies that govern Leo’s formation lit up the heavens to honor the arrival of an infant who would grow trapped in life’s kaleidoscope of pessimism and optimism.

An outdoor enthusiast who struggles to advocate and practice pro-environment initiatives; hoping that he inspires others to make a change for the better of mother Gaia.

A ringmaster in his own world who juggles his caffeine addiction with pizza, pasta, and all that is gastronomically unearthly while barely balancing on a tightrope that is healthy living.

A free thinker and ponderer who hopes to entertain his readers with his wild, far-flung, and unorthodox thought bubble of imagination and ideas with a futile attempt at humor.

A former blogger reborn.



These are quasi-literature of my most private thoughts in the format of a diary. An account of almost anything under Sol. These are very sensitive, personal, and topics that some might find offensive but take it for what it is–my personal opinion.

Outdoor & Fitness

An account of, but not limited to, my adventures and experiences with running, health & fitness struggles, mountains, beaches, and other places I may consider worth sharing.

Sub-topics will include hacks, DIYs, tips & tricks that I’ve picked up online, from friends and other people, or from my outdoor excursions.


Sometimes the best way to express your thoughts and feelings are through stories. These are based on actual experiences that invoked an amalgamation of feelings depicted in the characters portrayed in each telling.


I had a brush with poetry back in college. Thought I might give it a shot again.

Local Guide

My personal reviews of places I have been to according to Google.