So I booted my laptop, powered the electric kettle, and tore a sachet of that vile powdered chemical they call 3-in-1 coffee mix–a disgrace to actual coffee.


If you do not mind my attempt at S. Holmes–through careful and ingenious deduction, my dear Diary, I have come to a very elementary conclusion that these series of Likes and Follows are nothing short of a marketing plot.


Reminds you of a movie crime scene where the detective stares at the victim while holding a cup of joe. Then a police officer approaches him; a notebook in hand. “There was a struggle says one of the witnesses.”


Dear Diary, I have finally decided on a theme for this site and a piece for my debut article. Obviously, the former will revolve around my letters to you along with far-fetched stories that run amok inside the abysmal labyrinth of my mind. Drafting this post has reminded me of a conversation I once had. …